Poker Bots Consistently Win Online Poker Games by Cheating today announced Poker Robot Collusion Edition for Microsoft Windows.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (PRWEB) February 28 2005 -- today announced Poker Robot Collusion Edition for Microsoft Windows, an intelligent software robot capable of consistently winning games of Texas Hold'Em Poker at popular online Poker Rooms.

Poker Robot Collusion Edition is able to automatically and simultaneously play in up to nine of the ten seats available per game, for real money, using a strategy advocated by a nine-time World Champion of Poker. This combination of statistically sound strategy and awareness of nine of the ten hands in play inevitably results in consistent wins for the robot Poker players. No knowledge or experience of Poker is required. However, if the user wishes to play in multiple seats themselves they can manually override the robot player decisions with the click of a mouse button. Users can also alter the rank of hands played, the types of table to be selected and the duration of play. The progress of each game session is displayed and updated in real-time. Poker Robot Collusion Edition also draws upon the analytical capabilities of Poker Trainer, our comprehensive Texas Hold'Em Poker odds calculator and opponent analysis tool.

An estimated US$180 million is wagered at online Poker tables every day. Players appear to be unaware that it is possible to cheat at online Poker and many may already be losing their money to collusion and/or robot Poker players. Our software demonstrates that online Poker Rooms are unable to prevent collusion. Whilst it may on occasion be suspected, it remains impossible to prove that collusion has occurred.

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