Pokahovec makes five for Team PokerRoom

Anyone outside of Latvia likely has no clue what "Pokahovec" means. But he could be about to make it internationally renowned anyway - he's going to Vegas for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) as part of Team PokerRoom.com.

And with his addition bringing the team up to five online qualifiers from five different countries - Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain and Latvia - Team PokerRoom.com may seriously have to consider bringing a translator along with them.

But poker is a universal language, and Pokahovec spoke volumes in the final hand of his WSOP qualifier at PokerRoom.com against rival Melloh.

Melloh had As-Kc, Pokahovec Ad-6d, blinds are $800/$1,600. Pokahovec's initial pre-flop bet of $4000 gets raised by Melloh to $9,000, and Pokahovec calls.

The flop comes Qh-2h-6c. Melloh bets $20,078 and is all-in, Pokahovec calls.

The turn is 7d, the river is 9d and that's it for Melloh, who goes down to middle pair.

Questionable call on Pokahovec's part? Not to him, as he described later in response to a few sarcastic comments on PokerRoom.com.

"I knew, that he have Ax, so I could not beat only Ace Queen," he writes. "But he played not like A-Q, he played like A-K, so I instantly called. I was sure, that I was stronger. Sorry for bad English."

But Pokahovec has to make no apologies now - he's sitting exactly where they all would like to be: on the WSOP guest list.

For a full line-up of remaining WSOP qualifers and your shot at joining the team, visit PokerRoom.com

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