Players Speak, Listens is giving the public what they want. Based on player recommendations, the poker site has made some changes for 2007 that improve the look and the player loyalty program.

" prides itself on customer satisfaction and evolving to meet the needs of its players," said Karin Klein, bwin spokesperson for the poker site.

Klein said the improvements to the redesigned site make it easier to use, help foster a greater sense of community and give the most enthusiastic members VIP treatment.

These accomplishments are achieved through an improved tournament section, an expanded forum section, and the addition of the Gold Room to the loyalty program.

The tournament section has been improved to give players a clearer overview of featured events and the types of tournaments offered. Helping with that improvement are easy-to-read top-line descriptions and color-coded icons.

The Pokah! forum at is giving online players new ways to get to know each other. With an added Photos and Movies section, they can find out about other members through photos, video clips and even pictures of Team players at land-based tournaments.

Adding even more benefits for players, the loyalty program now includes a Gold Room designed for active members.

All real-money players at accumulate player points, of which it only takes one to get membership to the Green Room. As they accumulate more points, they can access the Gold Room and purchase tournament tickets.

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