Players see PokerStars Sunday events to end

What It All Comes Down To

Just about every week, PokerStars' big Sunday events have a few players willing to chop the final prize pool to finish up the game. This week, however, players seemed to be in it to win it.

The biggest winner of the day was jotaele1, from Spain, who took down the Sunday Million to pocket $197,202.60.

Nearly 7,000 players participated in the Sunday Million this week, building up the prize pool to $1,398,600. When jotaele1 came into the final table, he had accumulated quite a few of those 7,000 players' chips to muster a commanding chip lead.

Jotaele1 had built his stack to more than $21.7 million, and his nearest competitor was JHBrenes with more than $14 million in chips. JHBrenes proved to be a monster at the final table, however, eliminating several of the other final-table players before going heads-up against jotaele1.


The chip counts were almost even when heads-up play begain. JHBrenes had worked his stack up to $31.1 million while jotaele1 was sitting with $38.7 million.

It appeared that both players were mostly content to play small-ball poker, as jotaele1 would gain some headway and then JHBrenes would battle his way back into contention. It couldn't go on forever, though, and JHBrenes finally made a stand with K 8.

He found himself up against jotaele1's A 2 as the board came 5 Q Q 9 T. With neither player pairing up his cards from the board, jotaele1 won the tournament with the pair of queens with an ace kicker.

The final-table results were as follows:

Place Name Country Prize
1st jotaele1 Spain $197,202.60
2nd JHBrenes Costa Rica $99,300.60
3rd mass.mike MA United States $69,930
4th OWWEX NY United States $55,944
5th late_entry United States $41,958
6th tpreston Canada $30,769.20
7th anybody1108 Germany $21,678.30
8th zeistpoker11 Netherlands $12,587.40
9th Jim Bee United States $8,251.74

Several other events in PokerStars' Sunday lineup played down to the very end rather than seeing player deals as well. The only event that saw a deal made this week was the $215+R No-Limit Hold'em event in which the final two players chopped the prize pool.

The results for the other Sunday events are as follows:

Sunday Warm-Up

Place Name Country Prize
1st IDOLLS Greece $104,967.06
2nd s00tedj0kers United States $53,547.18
3rd n0d1ceb4by Belgium $38,473.74
4th sandler1860 United States $30,390
5th X1010X Denmark $23,825.76
6th Michnak United States $17,626.20
7th DatDfrunchen United States $12,763.80
8th All_in_at420 United States $8,022.96
9th SBAAMA Denmark $4,740.84

Sunday Hundred Grand

Place Name Country Prize
1st snake497 Germany $20,585.67
2nd jpgk101 United States $10,315.41
3rd Pwened Finland $7,132.76
4th BadHabit1989 Germany $5,101.28
5th gosen333 netherlands $3,069.80
6th gjaman France $2,054.06
7th dcatcher United States $1,647.76
8th jousin Spain $1,241.47
9th hgh-a-rolla United States $1,015.75

Sunday Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st Guimp Norway $45,559.80
2nd papadelpoker United States $33,748
3rd Louie1949 United States $25,960
4th JctionAeff United States $19,470
5th Betudontbet United States $13,629
6th CrewRep United States $11,033
7th BULLMAN5 United States $8,437
8th twelver1232 United States $5,841
9th Maw8 Canada $3,634.40

$215+R No-Limit Hold'em

Based on finishing order and a two-way deal

Place Name Country Prize
1st rivermanl United Kingdom $40,999
2nd mendieta19 Sweden $35,000
3rd puravida1234 United States $21,714
4th LICO01 Brazil $15,792
5th delegator Norway $11,844
6th EnoBall United States $9,870
7th tinytim3434 United States $7,896
8th Eddie7481 United States $5,922
9th Hibbs08 United States $3,948

Sunday $5,200 Freezeout

  1. nordlending (Norway) $80,000.00

For more information on these and other events offered at the poker site, visit PokerStars.

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