Players pillage PokerStars for big money on Sunday

Big stacks are good

PokerStars may have upped its guaranteed prize pool for the Sunday Million to $1.5 million, but that hasn't kept the guarantee from being blown away each week, just as in the past.

This week 8,236 players turned out for the Sunday Million, boosting the guarantee to $1,647,200. That money was spread to the top 1,260 players, with ziggy47 from the United States getting the biggest share after posting the win.

It took nine hours of play to get down to the final table, and after working through the other competitors it came down to ziggy47 against puntnko in heads-up play.

The two were nearly even in chips and decided to chop the remaining prize pool almost down the middle. Holding a slight edge in chips, ziggy47 took $152,438, and puntnko collected $151,283, leaving $30,000 to play for.

On the final hand, ziggy47 raised from the button and puntnko reraised with A 9. ziggy47 came over the top of him with an all-in and puntnko called to see ziggy47 table A J.

When the board ran out 8 A 2 7 5, ziggy47 pocketed the final $30,000 and added a Sunday Million win to his record.

The final table played out as follows:

Place Name Country Prize
1st ziggy47 United States $182,438.77
2nd puntnko Australia $151,283.95
3rd j.thaddeus Ireland $91,419.60
4th ohhaaahhh United States $74,124
5th okidokiclub Netherlands $57,652
6th YrrsiNN Switzerland $41,180
7th Foggsy United Kingdom $28,826
8th WSODice United States $18,942.80
9th lissem Norway $11,530.40

It was also a good day for North Americans in some of the other major events hosted on PokerStars this past Sunday. A Canadian won the Sunday Warm-Up while Americans took down the Two Hundred Grand, the Second Chance and the $5,200 Freezeout.

The results of each of those events are as follows:

Sunday Warm-Up

(Based on finishing order and three-way deal)

Place Name Country Prize
1st Pass_72 Canada $101,250
2nd Scriptdude Netherlands $71,250
3rd kloun7 Estonia $48,750
4th rivermanl United Kingdom $38,625
5th yosef12 Israel $30,750
6th Maluko0 Portugal $23,250
7th aka_advanced United States $15,750
8th shadav55 France $9,750
9th BIGSHANN United Kingdom $6,750

Two Hundred Grand

Place Name Country Prize
1st dtemp United States $19,586.12
2nd finanto Norway $17,817.77
3rd TWOcc Switzerland $14,007.94
4th deaonhope Canada $9,347.61
5th funkyc United States $7,010.71
6th ric12 Canada $4,673.81
7th 0180Pkrface Netherlands $3,505.36
8th waltdisney1 United States $2,336.91
9th JLizard United States $1,752.68

Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st Sowerss United States $54,877.68
2nd rounder13 United States $39,698.10
3rd bet2win United States $30,420
4th bigboybunk United States $22,815
5th iapetus Sweden $15,970.50
6th kbywjra United States $12,928.50
7th imashokU United States $9,886.50
8th uncledrkmeat United States $6,844.50
9th dpeters17 United States $4,258.80

$5,200 Freezeout

(No deal) 

1. BrynKenney (United States) $45,000

For more information about these or other events at the poker site, visit PokerStars.

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