Player shot by opponent in Texas poker game

A friendly poker game in Moore Station, Texas, last Saturday night ended with one player dead and another arrested, it was reported in the Athens Review on Tuesday. According to the newspaper, nearby Chandler, Texas, resident Bryan James Thompson was arrested for the murder of poker opponent Randy L. Meador, who police say he shot in the chest with a 12-gauge shotgun. Meador, 47, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime.

Investigators from the Henderson County Sheriff's Department say Thompson and Meador were participating in a five-person poker game on Saturday evening. Witnesses believe Thompson and Meador had never met before.

According to Thompson, Meador repeatedly threatened to kill him throughout the evening. Thompson told police he got his 12-gauge shotgun in self defense and went outside to empty the rifle.

The Athens Review says Thompson claimed that, as he was doing that, "Meador rushed him and the two struggled over the rifle. At some point the rifle discharged, hitting Meador in the chest."

After conducting a review of the scene, however, investigators disregarded Thompson's claims of self-defense and arrested him on charges of murder. Thompson posted a $100,000 bond within hours of his arrest and was freed from Henderson County Jail.

The case will be tried by the District Attorney's office and a grand jury following the completion of the investigation.

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