William Chen Is a Champ

William Chen
William Chen celebrating he first place finish

Bill Chen just beat out 414 other players to take home $343,618 in cash and a WSOP bracelet. He began the day fairly short stacked and took a few big hits early on. But through the rest of the final table, he grinded his way to a win, putting his background in math to use and making intelligent play after intelligent play. He's obviously a very smart guy. When you talk to him and watch him play, it shows. He gave me a few minutes right before he went to get paid.

You just won a WSOP bracelet. How excited are you?

It's exhilarating. You know, I was down to $20,000 at the final table today, and to wind up with all the chips, which is $1.2 million, it's just really fun and unbelievable.

Did I hear that you have a book coming out?

Yes. It's called "The Mathematics of Poker," and it just delves into the theory of poker games. It won't really help you with one particular game but it tells you how to play theoretically correct if you don't have reads on your opponent. And it also tells you about how much bankroll you really need for various games and how to adjust your play for tournaments.

What sort of education do you have?

I have a Ph.D. in math from Berkley.

Do you feel that your knowledge of math was what helped you win the Limit tournament?

It's what I base my game on - the math.

How did you decide to enter this tournament?

Well, my employer gave my six weeks off, so I decided to enter as many as I could.

Are you going to enter in more now that you've won this much cash?

I was going to enter them all before anyways, so yes, I guess.

Do you think your chances of winning have probably increased a bit now that you've got one under your belt?

I think being there before, and being comfortable at a final table will probably help.

Was there any one player that you were really excited to knock out during this tournament?

I have to say that taking out Phil Hellmuth was thrilling.

Well congratulations, man. Good luck.

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