The Master Hopes Karma Will Pay Off at the 2006 World Series of Poker

Men "The Master" Nguyen in the 2005 WSOP, Event 18, $2,000 Seven-Card Stud High-low Split, 2 pm start - Jun 19 tournament.

Men Nguyen is as renowned for his generosity as well as his skills at the poker table, and with more than $4 million in total winnings, that means a lot of charity work for "The Master." On the eve of the 2006 WSOP, caught up with the four-time Player of the Year to talk about how he hopes karma will help his chances at this year's tournament.

What events will you be entering at this year's World Series?

I try to play all the events and I try to win more bracelets, especially [in a] big tournament like this. Of course I'll try to win one more to add it up to my collection.

How do you prepare for a tournament like this?

All I have to do is sleep good, get up early in the morning, do a little exercise, some running outside in my neighborhood, and then I shower and it's time to go. Twelve o'clock-boom!-ready to go. I'm ready.

What are your expectations coming into the 2006 WSOP?

If I can, I'll try hard to win any event. I've prepared for the whole year for this World Series. Any other event is not important for me, but this event is very important for me. I've got six bracelets. I'll try to win one more or a couple more.

How do you feel about your play right now?

I feel so confident now because I took time off. Like two weeks ago I went to Vietnam and did some charity. We bought like 14,000 kilograms of rice, yeah, we passed like seven hundred families, fifteen kilos of rice for each family. We went to do some charity work, we fixed a temple, and we're refreshed.

So you feel that karma's on your side.

Right. We think if we do good things for people, we'll get rewarded. I believe that because I live in this country and have anything I want, but the people back home are hungry for food. You know? When you travel to the poor countries you can see people are hungry; they're dying for food. And I'm here. I've got everything I want. To give five percent, if I win a tournament, is nothing, right? But if I do a good thing, I'll get a reward.

How do you feel the 2006 WSOP will compare to other tournaments you've entered this year?

I haven't done any good in other events, except the $25,000 buy-in [at the Five Star World Poker Classic, April 24]. I won sixth place. It was very disappointing.

Are you planning to play in the new $50 000 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. event at the WSOP?

Of course. I'm good at all games. You know? They don't call me master for nothing! (Laughs)

One final question: If you could play heads-up against anyone at this year's World Series, who would you choose to face?

Phil Hellmuth! Scotty Nguyen! Those are the guys that I love to play against. I haven't played heads-up with them since I got into the poker world, but that's my goal.

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