Scott Clements - Hi-Lo Champion

Scott and Friends
Scott and his friends celebrate the victory

Scott Clements of Mount Vernon, Wash., won the $3,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Split event. On his way to winning his first WSOP bracelet and $301,175, this aggressive Hi-Lo specialist defeated world class players like Phil Hellmuth and Thor Hansen. Now Scott Clements is one of them.

How do you feel after winning a bracelet?

I feel great, you know, first bracelet. Hopefully it's the first of many.

What can you say about how the final table went down?

It went just as planned. I hit a few hands early and was able to build on my chip lead so I just tried to keep pushing, pushing and be the most aggressive player at the table, and that was working out for me.

The Final Table - Event 24 Omaha Hi-Low Split

You were in command of the final table from the start?

Yes, definitely. I hit one huge pot that was a pretty lucky river. I hit an ace on the river to make aces full against someone who had a lower full house already.

Do you normally play an aggressive game?

I usually play pretty tight early, but if I have a big stack, I try to push a little bit in order to grow, grow, grow. I try to build that big stack so that I can be the one who can dominate the table.

Thor Hansen

You had a very big lead when it came down to heads-up.

Yes, definitely. I ended up taking a couple of pretty big hands off Thor [Hansen, the runner-up] just before we got to heads-up, and was able to hit a few hands heads-up as well. The flops just came my way and it was over pretty quickly.

Can you tell us about your background as a poker player?

I've been playing professionally this year and last year, and I played a little bit before then. I used to play online before it became illegal in Washington, then I stopped.

Scott Clements

Have you played in many WSOP events before this one?

I think this was my seventh or eighth event, I cashed in the other $2,000 Hi-Lo Omaha, and then I was 0-4 in the No-Limit Hold'ems and I didn't cash in the $5,000 Hi-Lo Omaha. No-Limit Hold'em and Hi-Lo Omaha are the games that I play.

What makes you a good Omaha player?

Practice, I guess. The Hi-Lo part is definitely my specialty, I never play straight high. I play the right hands, and try to be aggressive and sense weakness and try to just feed on that. If I've got a freeroll, I try to get all the money in, and if I don't, I try to keep it as cheap as possible.

What about the rest of the World Series?

I'm going to play a couple of more events. I'm going to try Hi-Lo Stud which is a game I've hardly ever played. It's not my specialty at all, but it's a small event and I want to give it a shot. And then I will obviously play the Main Event.

What are you hopes for the Big One?

[laughs] I hope to last as long as possible. I hope to be the last man standing, but with an 8,000 person field it's going to be a pretty tough minefield.

How are you going to celebrate tonight?

Oh, I don't know. I might just go home and get some rest. It's been a long day, and I'll play tomorrow so, nothing big.

Thank you. Congratulations.

Thank you very much.

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