Phil Hellmuth Makes Poker History!

Phil Hellmuth

Poker history was made a few hours ago. I was there for it, and I'm still taking it all in. If I'm this excited about Phil Hellmuth's win, I can only imagine what the champ himself is going through. He wanted that bracelet so bad this year and was so elated when he finally obtained it. The entire Amazon Room exploded when it happened. Mike Matusow gave him a tearful hug. His parents were there to congratulate him. He couldn't stop smiling. It was a very incredible thing to witness. Phil was dying to celebrate. Champagne glass in hand, he gave me about a minute of his time between sips of Dom Perignon. It was an honor.

Phil you did it. You made poker history. How happy are you right now?

Phil Hellmuth

This is, without a doubt, one of the happiest moments of my life. I've wanted this 10th bracelet for so damn long, and I finally have it. Like I said before, I would have paid a million dollars for this bracelet. But then I wouldn't have proven myself to the world - to everyone. I really feel that I deserved this win, and I'm extremely happy right now.

You were calm and composed for this entire final table. When were you sure that the bracelet would be yours?

I didn't know the thing would be mine until that final six fell on that final hand. Juha played some incredible poker tonight. So did Daryn. Coming into the table today, I was very sure of myself, but I never let it get the better of me. I knew that I had miles to go before I sleep. That's a little Robert Frost.

I know.

Phil Hellmuth

And there was the period there when I lost the chip count, and it really became evident to me that this was something I was going to have to fight for. And I did. I played the best poker that I possibly could, and I feel that it showed. I've been focused this tournament. I had a good workout last night. I stayed at the gym, and I just kept in the best shape mentally and physically that I ever have, and I think that all helped. But listen, I want to go celebrate this.

Of course man, that's cool.

Great. Come to the UltimateBet lounge. We've got lots of Dom.

I'll see, Phil. Thanks a lot though. Congratulations.

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