No Limits for Bob Chalmers

Bob Chalmers
Bob Chalmers shows off his bracelet

Another relatively unknown player has taken home the prize at the 2006 WSOP. Bob Chalmers of Vancouver, British Columbia, helped himself to first place in the WSOP Limit event on Saturday night. The composed Chalmers was at ease throughout the tournament, and his relaxed attitude made him a favorite at the tables. caught up with him after his big win.

How does winning a WSOP event rank in the scheme of your life?

Well in terms of poker, it's pretty substantial. Any major tournament is a big deal, but the WSOP is of course the big tournament. I felt very relaxed during most of the tournament. I wasn't really excited or down. It just seemed to flow, but once it was over it was exciting.

How were you feeling the exact moment you won?

I felt a little ridiculous, because I went in on queen-three, but other than I felt fantastic. I thought to myself, "It's finally over." I kept telling myself throughout the tournament there was lots more work to do so there was no point in getting excited yet. After it was finished I thought, "Well I can finally have some wine."

Bob Chalmers

Were there any moments during the tournament that you were particularly nervous?

No, I got a read on three or four of the players at the final table early. I felt that my composure was good enough so that they weren't getting a good read on me. I felt like I had an advantage because of that. There were also a couple of short stacks that we were able to get to work on right away. I never really felt a sense of nervousness while we were playing. I was nervous before the game, but once we got going I was fine.

Was this your first WSOP event?

No, it's about the fifth that I've entered.

How would you describe your playing style?

I think I'm a little reserved, but I can get aggressive at times. I retain my composure very well so my table demeanor is good, but I can take charge if I have to.

Are there any players you look up to?

You know, it's interesting. A lot of the players I've played over the years are now much above me in terms of their skills and the size of the games the play in. I must say there's a lot of middle Limit Hold'em players that live here in Las Vegas that I think are very good players and great people too. Some of these kids that are playing are pretty phenomenal. I haven't really watched them enough to say that one of them is my idol or anything, but I enjoy watching somebody play an aggressive game when they are composed.

Are you primarily a Limit player?

I play Omaha and I play No-Limit, but up until the last few years, there weren't any No-Limit games to play except in tournaments. In fact, I think the last time I entered a WSOP in the mid '90s the Limit game was the big draw. I have a lot more experience in Limit.

Are you going to be playing in any other WSOP events this year?

Yeah, I'll be playing in the $3,000 buy-in Limit tournament. I'll probably play one or two of the No-Limit tournaments as well as the Main Event.

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