Justin "Raise the Pot" Scott - WSOP Champion

How do you feel after winning a WSOP bracelet?

I feel wonderful. I came in today expecting nothing less. I came in with 1.5 million, and the second place guy only had half the chips I had, so I would have been very disappointed if I came in anything but first. But I feel wonderful, I'm going to go out and party.

What was your strategy today?

My strategy today was just to continuously apply pressure on everyone, because everyone was so close in chips and the money jump was so big. I could keep stealing the blinds and the antes, and then the blinds got pretty high, and I continued to steal them, and as soon as the players started playing back, I just let off a little bit.

Justin Scott

The announcer called you Justin "Raise the Pot" Scott.

Yes, every pot I played I came with a big raise, usually about four or five times the big blind, rather than my usual three, just to pretty much tell them that if they re-raise me all-in I'm going to call, even if I wasn't going to call.

Are you normally an aggressive player?

I like to play loose at the beginning of tournaments usually, then I tighten up towards the middle, and towards the end I'm normally semi-loose, but very aggressive.

How did you build up the lead you had when you came into the final table?

I came into the first day and tripled up probably within 20 minutes, and had about 6,500 chips. Then I got kings to aces and was down to my last 1,000, but managed to triple up again. But after that I didn't really get involved in any big pots, I just slowly built my stack. In Day 2, I knocked out quite a few players.

Farzad Rouhani

Any key hands today on the final table?

Yes. I had raised, and Bob [Bright] went all-in with A-6, and Freddy[Farzad Rouhani] just called with A-Q. I had pocket 3s, and they ended up holding up. That was when I knew that I had won the tournament.

Can you tell us about your background as a poker player?

I've been playing professionally for about two years. I play a lot of big events and have reached three final tables this year. This is my first World Series cash - this was actually my first World Series event, so I'm very happy with the one out of one victory.

Jeff Madsen

A lot of young guys like your self have won WSOP bracelets in the last few weeks. Do you think that's a coincidence?

No, I don't really think it's a coincidence. I think the older players just underestimate us, they like to think that they can bully us around, and a lot of the pros also like to think that they can bully around the young guys. But the truth is that we have more gamble in us than they do in them, so a lot of us are not going to be pushed around. We play right back at them, and we don't care as much about the age as they do.

Doyle Brunson
Did you experience any bullying in this tournament?

Not too bad, but it happened a few times when I was on the button and I had an older gentleman to my left. I would raise on a blind steal, and he would go all-in pretty much every time, and I just couldn't call. But I finally picked up pocket kings and set him up, and he made the all-in, and I called. That's when I broke the million barrier, and I knew I was off and running.

What about the rest of the World Series?

I'm going to go out tonight, all night, and Tuesday I'll play the $1,500 No-Limit, and after that just the Main Event. That's pretty much all I have left in me.

Exactly how are you going to celebrate tonight?

We're going to go out and party and have some drinks, and probably go gamble a little bit, and then probably head out to the clubs.

Thanks. And congratulations.

Thank you very much.

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