Jordan Rich Getting Richer by the Day

Jordan Rich
Jordan Rich playing in the Main Event.

The Main Event is characterized by having thousands of relatively unknown faces. Jordan Rich is one of those players, but perhaps he shouldn't be. The 24-year-old was one of the leaders in chip counts all day, and at one point had over $250,000. caught up with Rich after the end of Day 2B.

How are you feeling about your play today?

I'm feeling pretty good. I ended the day with $177,000, although at dinner break I had $250,000, so I can't feel too great about that. I feel comfortable, I just got a little tired at the end and lost a big pot. I haven't had many setbacks yet.

Jordan Rich

How tired are you right now?

I'm pretty exhausted. This day off is actually quite nice.

Could you describe your experience at the Main Event over the last two days?

The field is actually relatively weaker than I thought it would be. I haven't had any big name pros at my table. I had a lot of newer players - I would say they have been playing the game for a year or so, and I feel like I've been able to take advantage of that.

How old are you and where are you from?

I'm 24, and I'm from Portland, Ore. I currently live in Eugene, Ore.

What's your poker experience like?

I started playing poker three or four years ago in Indian casinos. I moved up from there and started playing online. At that time, I was going to school and playing poker, but slowly and surely I kept putting more and more time into poker. Finally I stopped going to school and just played poker. I've been doing that for the past nine months. I play probably 75% online and 25% live.

What was your best hand today?

I had pocket sevens and I limped under the gun. I got a couple other limpers, and the flop came down Q-J-7. I figured I was going to get some action just because people limp with Q-J all the time. I ended up winning $25,000-30,000 off that hand. That was probably my best hand, but I've had a lot of people folding to me as well.

Are there any big name players you look up to?

Phil Hellmuth Jr. is definitely up there. I've played seven WSOP events including this one, and two of the seven I played with Phil quite a lot. He's just so focused. That's the biggest thing I took from him. He never gets tired and never shows sign of fatigue or weakness - he's like a machine. I like that. Today I was showing signs of weakness and fatigue all over the place. I had to even stop and think about it at one point and just tell myself to sit up straight and be more alert. [Hellmuth] is definitely on cue.

Thanks and good luck, Jordan.

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