Humberto Brenes: 'I Can Win The Main Event'

Humberto Brenes
Humberto Brenes playing in Day 3 of the Main Event

Humberto Brenes is one of the few well-known faces left in the Main Event. The Costa Rican is famous for his good humour and constant banter at the table, but he actually has some harsh words to say about his fellow pros. Brenes feels that a lot of the stars have played recklessly and as a result got knocked out of the Main Event too soon. His own careful approach has paid off, and now Brenes only has one thing on his mind: "I can win the Main Event," he said. sat down with Brenes during one of the breaks on Day 3.

How are you doing so far today?

I'm doing very well today. In the beginning I had $148,000, now I have $400,000, so I have been increasing my stack all the time. I'm feeling very good, I'm playing very good. It's a good day.

What is your strategy in an event like this?

I took it very slow in the beginning when I didn't know the players at my table. But I've been playing against the same players every day, and now I know them. So now I can start playing, and I'm playing good.

You are one of the few big names still in the Main Event. What do you think about that?

Many big players have been playing too hard in the beginning, and that is not good. Because you never know with the Internet players - sometimes they're crazy, sometimes they're tight. And if you don't know the players you can't make good moves. Too many big players have been knocked because they didn't take enough time to get to know the other players. You have to be careful in the beginning.

Humberto Brenes

Are you as happy as usual at the table?

Yes, I talk too much, I make jokes, and I try to scare the other players. And I like it. To me, poker should be played live. It's a big difference between playing live and on the Internet. When I play live I can use these things to my advantage and get reads on the other players.

You're from Costa Rica?

I live in Costa Rica, I'm from Costa Rica, and I come here to play tournaments.

Is poker big in Costa Rica?

No, now maybe 400-500 people play poker. When I came here for the first time in 1987 I learned to play Hold'em, and I went back to my country and taught people how to play. Costa Rica is a small country, by now maybe 400-500 people play Hold'em, and there are many good players in Costa Rica.

Are you famous back home?

I don't know. Maybe me and my brothers are a little bit famous.
Humberto Brenes

So, what are your hopes for the rest of the Main Event?

I can win. I think I can win. I know I can win.

NOTE: Humberto Brenes finished Day 3 in 19th place with $440,000 in chips according to an unofficial chip count

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