How Swede it is - Mats Rahmn wins Event 27

Mats Rahmn
Mats Rahmn wins his first WSOP Bracelet

The stone-faced Mats Rahmn didn't even seem concerned when he was down by 2-1 odds against Richard Toth. His confidence never faltered and was eventually rewarded with victory. The 24-year-old from Stockholm is a poster boy for grace under pressure, and his poker face never let up even after he had won it all. chatted with the young Swede after winning his first WSOP bracelet.

How are you feeling right now? You don't even look excited.

Well, I've been playing for three straight days, and I'm pretty exhausted. Kind of an empty feeling inside right now, I mean I'm happy, but at the same time, I'm just exhausted.

Before this event what was your biggest poker success?

About $65,000 live and $76,000 online.

How does the play in North America compare to Europe?

I don't play much live in Sweden, because we only have like four casinos. I have played in Barcelona, however. A lot of Europeans are good. I'd say it's about the same. There are a lot of qualifiers here with less experience but that's good for business.

What did you think of your Richard Toth in heads-up play?

He played really well last night and all day today. He was really tough to play against, but I managed to get the better hand in a few pots.

Who do you think was your toughest opponent in this tournament?

I'd say it was [Toth]. He had a big stack all day and I had to be careful not to get involved in big pots with him. He was playing really aggressive and good.

Mats Rahmn

Is this the first event you've played this year?

Yeah, I got here about a week ago, and I've mostly just been playing in casinos. This is my third year playing in the WSOP.

What made you decide to come out for this event in particular?

I qualified for it online. Although I probably would have come out for it anyways.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

Really adaptable. I can be aggressive and change my style of play according to my opponents. I'm also very patient.

Do you have any players you look up to?

There are a few Swedish players that I've learned a lot from. We've talked a lot about poker and how to play.

Do you usually travel with fellow Swedish players?

Yeah, we actually have a house together outside of Vegas. It feels good to get away from it all sometimes. It's good to have some backup.

What are your thoughts on the final hand?

We'd just gotten back from the break and the new blinds were fairly large. I got two red kings so I raised it and he called. The flop came J-T-9, and then he checked to me. At this point I tried to look a little weak and not bet too much, I think it was $150,000, and he came over the top on me by raising all-in. He had a pair and a straight draw so I don't blame him for moving all-in but I had to make the call and my hand held up.

Will you play in any more events this year?

Yeah I will, but I'm going to take a break for a few days now.

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