Greg Mueller - A True Canuck Playing at the 2006 World Series of Poker

Greg Mueller
Greg Mueller

So what happened in today's event?

I just got knocked out of the $2,000 No-Limit Hold'em tournament. I lost several hands, but the key hand was I had A-K, my opponent had a pair of nines, he raised and I re-raised. The thing was I didn't think he was strong enough with two nines so I talked him into calling because he was about to fold. He called, and I lost.

What's your next tournament?

I'll probably play the tournament tomorrow, the Limit Hold'em. I played the first Limit Hold'em [event] two days ago and I came in 30th. I don't enjoy playing them so much, but I feel like I have to.

What are your favorite events to play in?

Definitely No-Limit Hold'em, they're the most adrenaline, the most exciting and I feel you have the most maneuverability. But I do really well in the Limit Hold'em, so I guess I have to go to work tomorrow.

How long have you been playing poker for?

I've always loved poker, but I didn't really play it on a serious level until about six years ago, and [started] playing in tournaments two years ago, but before that I played cash games.

What drew you to the game of poker?

I used to play hockey for a living in Europe, and during road trips, we'd always play cards. Then I met a professional poker player and every day off that we had once a week, we'd drive to a casino and talk poker. When I retired from hockey, I was infatuated with poker.

Are you going to be entering the $50,000 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. event?

I'm not sure yet. I play on my own money. I don't play for backers, so $50,000 to play with an elite group of players is kind of a questionable spot. Maybe if I find some backers for that one, I might play it.

What are your predictions for the final event?

I feel strong, but the Main Event here involves so many people. I feel really good about my Main Event game, but I don't have a favorite to win in the Main Event. Everybody talks about Phil Ivey, and he's obviously a great player. I got a chance to play with him back-to-back days in a row, and you pick up things. But as far as the Main Event goes, I think you can throw out favorites. I mean, there's 8,000 people, so whoever can avoid the bad luck, those will be the hits.

You're originally from Vancouver, B.C., so where do you live now that you're a professional poker player?

I still live in Vancouver, but I'm here a lot so I have a condo in Vegas for the World Series. I'm down here quite a bit and L.A. I do a lot of traveling but my home is Vancouver.

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