Dmitri Nobles: Another Rising Star?

Dmitri Nobles
Dmitri Nobles Playing in Day Two of the Main Event

2003 World Champion Joseph Hachem, didn't, but he was a veteran. At the dinner break on Day 2B of the 2006 Main Event, another representative, Dmitri Nobles, is comfortably positioned where he's been all day - at the top of the chip leader board with a substantial stack in front of him. I caught up to Dmitri as the field broke for dinner to talk about how things are going so far.

You're the chip leader. How did you manage that?

Oh, man, I've just been catching cards. (Laughs) It seems like every card I look up and I've got at least an ace. Pretty weak kickers, but I'm playing them good.

How's your table?

Table's good. It's a lot of fun. (Laughs) We're having fun at our table.

How was the first day for you?

The first day, my goal was to make it to $30,000, and I got up to like $38,000 after dinner. I tightened up my play. There was a guy that kept taking my big blind, and I was just waiting to catch a hand for him to try to do it, and I caught a hand eventually. He happened to have a hand too, but I beat him. We had a race - I had pocket queens and he had ace-king and I beat him. So I came into today with $79,000.

Second hand of today I had pocket queens. I threw off $18,000 to a guy - he had a pair of nines, and the guy beside me, when he turned his nines over, the guy beside me said "I had A-9" so I was like, cool. Flop comes - bam! - spiked the nine. So I lost that hand, and that, you know, got me cut down, but it's looking up now. (Laughs) It's looking up now.

How long have you been playing poker?

Been playing poker - not structured poker like this - I've been playing structured poker like this for maybe five years, but played poker as a kid, you know. Everybody plays poker.

I see you're representing Did you win your seat through a satellite?

I sure did. I won a seat on - I feel like I should have won five seats, as many as I've played. (Laughs) I played a double shootout - the $150 double shootout, and I got second place in those twice. And I got third place once. I got my seat in a $350 tournament, the day before the last day, the 22nd. I'd just called my girl and said, "Baby, I think I'll play one more" - 'cause I'd said it several times, this is my last one, I'm not playing in another if I don't win this one - but I called her; she was out of town and I was home by myself, and I said "I'll take one more." She said, "Go ahead, baby," and we're here now.

Is this your first trip to the World Series?

Yeah, actually, it is my first trip to the World Series. I go to Tunica a lot, and I have a buddy, Tommy Venus, who comes here every year and who tries to get me to come every year, and I came this year.

And you're doing well.

Yeah. Hopefully I'll hold up.

What's your plan for the rest of the night?

Well, just to keep playing like I'm playing. As long as the cards keep coming, I'm going to try to build my stack. I noticed somebody had $430,000 [Jon Lane has $405,000 coming out of Day 2A]; I'd like to be ahead of that.

Awesome. Well I'll let you enjoy your dinner. Thanks Dmitri, and good luck.

Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

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