Clare Miller - Top of the Seniors

Clare Miller
Clare MIller After Winning the 2006 Seniors' No-Limit Tournament

As far as emotional bracelet winners go, Clare Miller easily takes the cake for the 2006 WSOP. Breaking into tears immediately after pairing her eight on the river, Clare rushed into her husband's arms. He'd been sitting at the ropes the entire time, cheering her on and showing her the kind of love and support that only couples that have shared a lifetime of marriage can truly know. During the entire photo shoot that occurs after every bracelet win, Clare couldn't contain her tears, letting them flow free and proud for the duration. She's the first woman to win a bracelet at this year's event (aside, of course, from the Ladies tournament winner), and also probably the most excited bracelet winner that this year will see. Most people didn't give the Seniors event much attention, but everyone who watched Clare win her bracelet will remember it for a while to come. She gave me a few minutes before she got paid.

Yours is by far the most emotional win that I've seen so far this year, which I think is a really great thing. Where does this rank as far as exciting moments in your life go?

Well, after the day that [my husband] and I met, and the day we married, and after the children were born, It's probably the most exciting time of my life.

And am I correct that today is your 41st wedding anniversary?

No, it's this week.

And you both made it to the top 50 in this tournament?

Yes, we both made it to 50 and he went out 40th.

Was there any time during the tournament that it really occurred to you that this thing could be yours - that you could take it all the way?

I guess when I got to the 50. I thought that either he or I had a very good chance.

You said that you varied your strategy after each break.

I tried to. I re-thought it. It just happened to work. It's no big epiphany or anything.

How long have you been playing poker?

Oh, maybe four or five years.

Oh wow. So comparatively, you're fairly new to the game.

Well I was a duplicate tournament bridge player and director, and I got burned out with bridge, so I took up poker.

Do you feel that knowing bridge has helped you much with poker?

I think card sense helped.

How often do you play usually?

Fifteen minutes from where we live there's an Indian casino, and we try to play at least once or twice a month. And I play fairly regularly on the Internet.

Where are you from?

New Mexico.

And you made the trip to Vegas just for the tournament?

Well we come out quite often, but we did come this time to play in the World Series.

Thanks very much and congratulations. Really, incredible.

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