Player could lose finger in Internet poker match

Online gamer, Carl Valentine, has bet his right index finger in what some consider to be the most ridiculous and irresponsible bet in the history of Internet gaming. According to, Valentine is scheduled to compete heads-up at against a friend on April 18, 2006. His performance on that date will either win him $1 million or lose him his finger. was launched by Valentine in the wake of his undeniably stupid bet. A "simple machinist from the Midwest," Carl accepted the wager after playing poker with his friends one evening.

According to the website, an old high-school-buddy-turned-multi- millionaire was in town visiting and bet Carl $1 million that he couldn't send 2 million unique visitors to an individual website by April 18, 2006 - the multi-millionaire's birthday. Because Carl did not have $1 million to bet in return, he upped the ante and offered his right index finger instead.

Launched on December 12, the site has hosted 102,938 unique visitors to date. If less than 2 million unique visitors click into the site by April 18, 2006, Carl will be playing for his finger. If 2 million or more unique visitors visit the site before that date, Carl will be competing for $1 million.

He admits: "Obviously I am a bit crazy for accepting the proposition, but it's just a finger...I have plenty more. Besides this is the only opportunity I will probably ever have to win $1 million dollars."

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