Play, Watch and Chat with Rafa Nadal as He Takes on World

Rafa Nadal at the $50k Charity Challenge.

Tennis legend Rafa Nadal will be in Miami on Wednesday for the Sony Open but before he takes on the tennis world he'll take on all comers at the poker table.

Nadal will be settling in at 5:30 PM ET for an hour of 5/10 Six-Max Zoom against any and all fans from around the world in his latest challenge, Rafa vs. the World.

The action will be on the PokerStarsPlay Facebook client and is all for play money but the stakes will still be high for Nadal.

A webcast will keep track of all hands Rafa and the rest of the world win after the flop. When the hour's up, PokerStars will multiply the winner's # winning hands by $100 and give the cash to Care International.

You can step up to play, ask Nadal a question or just watch the action by tuning into the webcast on the PokerStars blog or through the play-money client.

Daniel Negreanu
Tune in for DNegs too.

Negreanu On Hand to Commentate

Nadal is two-for-two so far in his poker challenges as a Team PokerStars SportStar as he defeated all of Spain in another Zoom Challenge earlier in the year and won the $50k Charity Challenge at EPT Prague.

Going three-for-three will be tough for the ultra-competitive Nadal, but according to Daniel Negreanu, who will be on hand to commentate, his game is rapidly improving:

"Rafa's poker knowledge and skill level has improved dramatically since he started learning the game.

I'm looking forward to seeing if he can make this a hat-trick of wins, having already taken down the charity tournament at EPT Prague and beating players from across Spain."

Register for an account via our PokerStars review to get in on the action.


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