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Ship Teh Chips
Rake back the virtual chips on your cell phone this summer.

The go-to network for poker programming is delving further into the industry by offering viewers the chance to be dealt into the action on screen using their mobile phones.

The Game Shown Network, better known as GSN, has paired with Two Way TV, a leading interactive production company in the U.K., to access technology that allows players to compete in real time along with their televisions.

Poker fans can now use game texting to play along with GSN's primetime Monday night casino programming.

The technology will make its debut this summer, when network viewers will be able to engage in what GSN deems "advanced interactivity" during episodes of High Stakes Poker and World Series of Blackjack.

High Stakes Poker viewers will be dealt a series of cards on their television screens, and can accept the cards using SMS messaging to create the best possible hand. World Series of Blackjack players, meanwhile, can compete against the on screen dealer by requesting cards using their mobile phone.

In both cases, players will be competing against other mobile contestants in real time. The top 10 performers will be featured on an on-screen leaderboard.

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