PKR revives the Super Series

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

PKR is bringing one of its most popular events back for another run.

The PKR Super Series will take place from June 14 to July 6 with 14 exciting events scheduled, including the Deep Stack Masters, which will feature a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

"PKR is known as the home of tournament poker and this second offering of the Super Series further bolsters that claim," said PKR Marketing Director Simon Prodger. "The buy-ins make it more accessible and great value compared to other festivals and there are also many chances to make the final tournament."

The PKR Super Series was designed for players with varying bankrolls who are looking for the chance to win big money in a variety of poker games. New events for this year include Terminator Tournaments, Team PKR Bounty and Deep and Steep tournaments.

After 12 consecutive days of events the series will finish with a tournament of champions where winners from each event along with the top finishers in the leaderboard will battle it out for a large prize pool. The top 50 finishers of the 12 Super Series Events will be awarded a $5,000 freeroll.

All the final tables of the Super Series will be televised on UK TV channels Sky TV 842, Hollywood TV 157 and PKR TV's channel. If you want to know more about be sure to check out our room review.

Here's a look at the PKR Super Series schedule:

Wednesday 18 June Team PKR Bounty 19:00 $30
Thursday 19 June Deep & Steep 19:00 $25
Friday 20 June PL Hold'em 19:00 $30
Saturday 21 June Deep Stack (6-seater) 19:00 $75
Sunday 22 June NL Hold'em 19:00 $65
Monday 23 June Limit Hold'em 19:00 $20
Tuesday 24 June PL Omaha 19:00 $25
Wednesday 25 June Terminator Two (plus bounties) 19:00 $20
Thursday 26 June NL H Hold'em Speed 19:00 $15
Friday 27 June Terminator 19:00 $40
Saturday 28 June NL Hold'em Deep Stack Masters 19:00 $250
Sunday 29 June NL Hold'em 6-seater 19:00 $50
Thursday 3 July Freeroll 19:00 $0
Sunday 6 July Tournament of Champions 15:00 $0

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