PKR unveils loyalty program

An Irish proverb has it that "The best way to keep loyalty in a man's heart is to keep money in his purse." PKR has taken that advice to heart and launched a new loyalty program for its poker players.

Club PKR offers players six levels of loyalty rewards, starting with Member and progressing all the way up to Diamond.

Players at every level will have access to rewards, with benefits increasing at each level.

At the highest levels, players will be rewarded with perks such as VIP invitations to live PKR events, tickets to sports and entertainment events and a lifetime subscription to Stacked.

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"Club PKR is a new type of poker loyalty program," said Marketing Director Simon Prodger.

"The points required for each progression are very achievable and our 'always up, never down' policy means players are never punished for taking a break - so they can work their way to the top in their own time."

Players will advance through the levels of the loyalty program much more easily than through those of other sites, according to PKR. Plus, once a player achieves a level, it's theirs for life, rather than being rescinded for a lower status after a certain amount of time.

Participants who play more frequently will be fast-tracked to higher Club PKR levels.

All Club PKR members will receive a monthly newsletter detailing their status and promotions. It will also include invitations to special freerolls, challenges and competitions exclusive to their level.

The challenges will include qualification for big-money tournaments as well as competitions with prizes redeemable on and off PKR.

For more information about these and other benefits at the poker site, visit PKR.

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