PKR hawking dot-net felt space

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Just as advertising hit the live tournament circuit in full force, product marketing is now infiltrating online poker, with PKR at the forefront of targeting players on the felt.

The poker room has signed an agreement with in-game marketing network IGA Worldwide that will see ads featured on the site's play-money tables.

The goal is to reach up to 60,000 players of PKR's 600,000-person customer base and target its 18- to 35-year-old male demographic, said a release from IGA Worldwide.

The 3D poker site has already made room for high-visibility ad space, which will consist of virtual wall posters and logos to appear on the tables. Also in the works for PKR's dot-net version are 15- to 30-second video commercials that will play at breaks and between games.

Players who are competing in real-money games and tournaments, however, will not be exposed to the advertising, the release said.

Though still unorthodox in the online poker industry, in-game advertising has already swept major brands such as EA, Atari, Valve and Codemasters, which are all part of the IGA Worldwide network.

Given its customers' specific demographic, PKR is ideal for products such as the latest electronic gadgets and men's grooming products, a spokesman for the poker room said.

"In today's fragmented media environment we're seeing advertisers increasingly turning to in-game advertising as traditional formats fail to deliver," said IGA CEO Justin Townsend.

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