PKR fun casino fits music fest to a T

The Money

In between grooving to Amy Winehouse and checking out The Killer's show, PKR is hoping patrons of Scotland's T in the Park Music festival stop by to play a hand of poker or spin the roulette wheel at its on-site casino.

The poker room has partnered with the sold-out event - purported to be the U.K.'s biggest music festival - to showcase play-money casino games.

The first 5,000 customers get a goody bag, in addition to prizes PKR will be handing out over the course of the July 6-8 weekend.

For those who couldn't get their hands on tickets to the festival, the poker room is also offering three pairs up as prizes for T in the Park tournaments. Visit PKR to play your way to the sold-out show by entering its $10 events online.

If you win and make it to the casino for some free poker, PKR girls will be on hand to snap a few shots that could be used on the site to commemorate the good times.

Some of the biggest acts in the music industry are scheduled to appear at the three-day concert in Balado near Kinross, Scotland. This year's lineup includes artists such as My Chemical Romance, Babyshambles, Snow Patrol, the Scissor Sisters, Avril Lavigne and the Wu Tang Clan, among many others.

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