PKR celebrates one year in poker industry

Online poker site PKR celebrates its first year of business.

Friday brought a milestone for online poker site PKR as it celebrated its one-year anniversary. The site launched Aug. 17, 2006, offering players a 3D game experience.

A year later, the site is going strong despite choosing to launch as a stand-alone operator and coming up against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the United States that kept it out of the large U.S. market.

"We're very excited about our first-year results, and it's definitely cause for celebration," said Simon Prodger, PKR marketing director. "But we have no intentions of resting on our laurels. PKR has set very aggressive growth targets for the next 12 months, and we're looking forward to even bigger and better things to come."

Some of PKR's accomplishments during its first year (as of Aug. 16) include:

Receiving 12.785 million visits

More than 50,000 unique logins per day

More than 900,000 registered players

As many as 7,500 players logging in and playing at once

870,554 real-money sit-and-goes have been played

More than 150 million real- and play-money hands have been dealt

15,665 real-money multi-table tournaments have been played

$269,095.67 has been given away in freerolls

PKR made a bold promise when it launched a year ago, saying it would forever change the way online poker is played. Since then, nearly a million players have registered to check out the 3D play and the site has become well established in the poker scene as growth exceeded all expectations, according to a PKR press release.

Comparing numbers from the day PKR launched to just this week, the growth speaks for itself:

Data Aug. 17, 2006 Aug. 14, 2007
Number of visits 1,153 48,416
Number of multi-table tournaments played 13 78
Peak concurrent users for the day 499 6,742
Tournament cash awarded $1,548 $242,912
Number of unique logins 2,765 51,662
Total amoung of money bet for the day $2,591.48 $1,470,242.93

The poker site also recently signed a deal with Playtech that will bring even more benefits for its players. Playtech will provide with a custom-made online casino to further enhance the next generation poker room's player experience by providing access to a variety of market leading casino games.

Poker fans looking for some real-money fun should head to PKR's Web site. By signing up through, players will be eligible for a 75% bonus of up to $250.

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