Phil Ivey warms up for the durrrrnament

Phil Ivey

With the million-dollar durrrr challenge threatening to start in the near future, it's not surprising to find Phil Ivey warming up by playing multiple-table PLO.

In a recent example, another player reported to be interested in the durrrr challenge happened to be on Ivey's table. MR B 2 U SON, reported to be David Benyamine, was at the same table when this hand went down.

Although Ivey is one of the greatest players at the game, anyone could have played this hand well. There's nothing like flopping a house to make a hand easy to play.

Click the icon to watch the hand play out, or read the history below.


Game: $200/$400 - Omaha Table: Barn (deep-six) Players: MR B 2 U SON, Ziigmund, MarketPulse section to keep an eye on the action.


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