Phil Ivey plays heads up with LarsLuzak

Phil Ivey

The biggest name in poker, Phil Ivey, is currently playing $500/$1,000 heads-up No-Limit Hold'em with LarsLuzak.

In this nosebleed heads-up battle, the largest pot comes only slightly shy of $100k, with Lars taking home the chips. At the offset of this hand, Lars is sitting considerably short with a stack of just under 41BB; Ivey is sitting with his regular deep stack of over 400BB.

Lars is a well-known online player, infamous for his aggression and overall loose play. Combine that with a heads-up situation and you have a recipe for large pots with weak hands. Ivey, being no stranger to heavy here.


Game: $500/$1,000 - Hold'em Table: GusHeaven (six-max) Players: LarsLuzak, Phil Ivey Date: Nov 08, 2008 1:14:37 ET Hand ID: 8864611971

Table Setup
LarsLuzak : Seat 5 - Stack Size : $40,764.
Phil Ivey : Seat 6 - Stack Size : $410,193.
LarsLuzak posts small blind of $500.
Phil Ivey posts big blind of $1,000. 

LarsLuzak raises $2,500.
Phil Ivey calls $2,000. 

Flop [T 3 T]
Phil Ivey checks.
LarsLuzak bets $4,000.
Phil Ivey raises $12,000.
LarsLuzak calls $8,000. 

Turn T 3 T [A]
Phil Ivey bets $29,000.
LarsLuzak calls $25,764.
Phil Ivey shows 6 A.
LarsLuzak shows K T.
Uncalled bet of $3,236 returned to Phil Ivey. 

River T 3 T A [6]
LarsLuzak shows the best hand, three of a kind - tens
Phil Ivey shows two pair, aces and tens
LarsLuzak wins $81,528.

The hand plays out in a mostly standard heads-up fashion: After the flop comes dry, Ivey feels that his ace-high is likely the best hand. He check-raises the flop and gets called. At this point he can only put Lars on one of two hands: ten or a pair.

When the ace falls on the turn, Ivey now beats any pair, only losing to the unlikely possibility that his opponent has a ten. Because his opponent's stack is less than the pot, the only bet Ivey can make here is an all-in. Unfortunately for Phil, Lars had the ten, earning him a double-up.

Since Phil's stack is still more than quadruple the size of Lars's, there should still be plenty of action remaining.


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