Phil Ivey loses $120k to Brian Townsend

Phil Ivey

When Phil Ivey is done for the day at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Championship, he relaxes with some high-stakes online action. Yesterday, the superstar lost around $120k in two sessions against Brian Townsend.

Phil Ivey and Brian Townsend, also known as Sbrugby, have been clashing regularly online over the last few days, and in their latest sessions Townsend has walked away the winner.

According to the High Stakes database Web site, Ivey and Townsend played one $300/600 heads-up session, and also played at a $200/400 table on April 23, and in total Townsend won around $120k.

A couple of key pots from the last battles are reported:

In the first one, the two were all-in pre-flop with Ivey holding A-6 of spades, and Townsend sitting with K-K. No ace or flush came to save Ivey, and Townsend won the $66,793 pot.

In the second one, all the money went into the middle when the flop showed Tc-Ad-3c. Ivey sat with A-K, but lost to Townsend who won the $130,192 pot holding A-T for two pair.

A bad day at the office for Phil Ivey, but he has the chance to make up for it in the WPT final. He is still in the running and will be back at the Bellagio when Day 3 begins tonight.

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