Phil Galfond takes Gus Hansen to school

Gus Hansen

Full Tilt is a prime source of six-max $200/$400 PLO action, with a familiar cast of the nosebleed regulars once again playing for some sick-sized pots.

Among a couple other less well-known players, Urindanger, Ziigmund, Gus Hansen and OMGClayAiken were recently all fighting for the day's largest pot. At publication time, the title belongs to OMGClayAiken, who won a juicy pot worth over $70,000.

As many large PLO pots do, this one starts with pocket aces and suited kickers.

Click play to watch the hand play out, or read the history below.


Game: $200/$400 - Omaha Table: Pantheon (six-max) Players: sunra18, Urindanger, LokoIsBack, Ziigmund, Gus Hansen, OMGClayAiken Date: Dec. 13, 2008 6:49:14 ET Hand ID: 9468741863

Table Setup
sunra18: Seat 1 - Stack size: 15,600.
Urindanger: Seat 2 - Stack size: $107,675.
LokoIsBack: Seat 3 - Stack size: $7,400.
Ziigmund: Seat 4 - Stack size: $125,071.
Gus Hansen: Seat 5 - Stack size: $50,196.
OMGClayAiken: Seat 6 - Stack size: $36,600.
sunra18 posts small blind of $200.
Urindanger posts big blind of $400.
Gus Hansen posts small blind of $200.

Dealing down cards.
LokoIsBack folds.
Ziigmund folds.
Gus Hansen raises $800.
OMGClayAiken raises $3,200.
sunra18 folds.
Urindanger folds.
Gus Hansen calls $2,400. 

Flop [3 T A]
Gus Hansen checks.
OMGClayAiken bets $3,200.
Gus Hansen raises $16,800.
OMGClayAiken raises $30,200.
Gus Hansen calls $16,600.
OMGClayAiken shows A 5 A 2.
Gus Hansen shows 3 2 4 T.

Turn 3 T A [K]

River 3 T A K [2]

OMGClayAiken wins $73,997.

OMGClayAiken could not have hit this flop any harder. Not only does he flop the top set, he has the nut-flush redraw and a gut-shot straight draw. On top of OMGClayAiken hitting everything on the flop, he's fortunate enough to have Gus Hansen flop a two pair, and get paid the whole way.

These are the dream situations, the makeup of every poker player's poker fantasies. In the MarketPulse section to keep an eye on the action.


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