Pet store owner wins Ferrari at, credits cat

Bruce Bartfeld, a Churchville, Maryland resident, won a brand new Ferrari F430 Coupe with the help of his cat, Sadie, while playing in his first ever online freeroll event at, it was recently revealed. The 52-year-old pet store owner claims his beloved feline brought him luck exactly when he needed it most.

"I was really short stacked," said Bartfeld. "Then Sadie decided to jump up and sit on my lap and my luck changed for the better. They say cats have nine lives; Sadie certainly gave me a lifeline."

Bartfeld admits to always dreaming about owning a nice car, but can't believe his luck. "The fact that I won still hasn't sunk in. I'd always dreamed of having a nice car, but a Ferrari? I haven't had a speeding ticket in 10 years. I'm going to polish it and perhaps I will sit it on the driveway and let the neighbors look at it!" His current car is a Chrysler Town-and-Country van.

In addition to the Ferrari, Bruce has been invited to join the Million V Cruise around the Cayman Islands in March, 2006, where he will have the chance to compete for a piece of the $5 million prize pool.

The Texas Hold'em online freeroll event that Bartfeld won on was run in affiliation with, the world's largest online poker site. is a companion site to the online poker powerhouse and is described as a play-for-free education site.

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