Paul Pierce Rises and Fires Again at $10k WSOP Main Event (Photos)

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07 July 2014
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Paul Pierce

It's no surprise NBA superstar Paul 'The Truth' Pierce is back to take another stab at the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event.

A known poker entity now Pierce has been at the tables at the WSOP fairly consistently over the last few years after making his splashy debut in 2011.

He's also been known to sport his oversize 2008 NBA championship ring - just in case, you know, anyone doubts his pedigree.

This year Pierce seems very comfortable in the role of WSOP vet. He's been laughing it up with his tablemates and, importantly, after losing some early pots, battled his way back to a decent stack by early evening.

Pierce also seems very comfortable in his new role as an NBA free agent. His trade to the Brooklyn Nets is fading in the distance and some pretty sweet open doors - notably with old coach Doc Rivers in LA or back in his adopted hometown of Boston - are waiting for him.

At 36 he's not signing the massive, multi-year multi-million deals of his prime but with money in the bank - and a growing ability to earn more at the poker tables - he'll do just fine.

By the sign of his headwear, we think we know where his heart seems to lie too.

Check the photos below; updates on Pierce's NBA free agent status here.

Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce's watch
Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce

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cap60c 2014-07-07 20:37:57

the mf truth keep ballin PP