Patrik “Fake Love888” Antonius Makes High-Stakes Comeback

patrik antonius

Patrik Antonius hasn’t played a ton of high-stakes online poker over the last couple years but he pulled off a big win on PokerStars last night.

Antonius dominated high-stakes reg Andrew “ClockWyze” Pantling in 144 hands of $400/$800 to take down $64k, according to highstakedDB.

The famous Finn said he could no longer compete in high-stakes NLHE and PLO games due to the prevalence of add-on software in a PokerListings interview last year.

Fortunately he’s still very willing to get in the action when it comes to mixed games.

Dan "Jungleman" Cates Rakes in $54k

Dan “jungleman” Cates, hot off those MVP-level GPL appearances, proved he can still roll with the best of them this weekend by winning $54k.

Dan Cates
Dan Cates

Unfortunately Cates has been having an off year on PokerStars and is still down $265k, even after last night’s score.

It’s been a strange year for high-stakes action as the games have definitely trended down.

Currently Educa-p0ker is the overall biggest winner with $629,611, which is pretty low historically.

Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky (+$508k), Ike “philivey2694” Haxton (+$205k), Antonius (+$185k) and ChaoRen (+$129k) round out the top five.

High-stakes master Alex “Kanu7” Millar is experiencing a down year and is currently $616k in the red for 2016. Right behind him is none other than Viktor “Isildur1” Blom who’s dropped $564k.

Blom had one of his best years ever in 2015, when he actually managed to finish with $3.4m in profit.

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