hypes pro feud at European Challenge

Tony G and David Ulliott.

Tony G, who is of Lithuanian descent, is to captain a team of Eastern European online players who will face off against their Western counterparts, headed by U.K. native Ulliott.

Given the pair's history of disdain for one another, this tournament could call for the need to draw an iron curtain between the pros, the poker room said while trying to stir up some drama in a release this week.

"Devilfish lost it at Premier League Poker - it should be easy because he is not on his game," said Tony G in the release.

"Tony G is like a puppy dog - lots of bark but no bite," countered Ulliott.

The €100,000 freeroll will be filmed at the Concord Card Casino in Vienna for broadcast at a later date.

The final table of 10 for the East vs. West Cup will share €50,000, while the winning team will split €50,000.

The European Challenge is part of the 13th annual Austrian Spring Poker Festival, which will also be filmed for international television distribution. The event runs until March 17, with an estimated prize pool of $1.1 million.

About 1,000 people are expected at the event.

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