Dutch Open filming in August

Rolf Slotboom
Rolf "Aces" Slotboom will be one of the Dutch Open participants.

It's time for poker players to go Dutch - and no, we don't mean splitting the tab for a date. has unveiled another televised poker event with the Dutch Open scheduled for filming Aug. 11-14.

The tournament will bring together 36 top Dutch players in London to play for a €117,000 prize pool. Some of the players already slated for the event include Jerry Yang at the moment, even if the player is Dutch!"

Also signed up for the event are Tsai Chen and Peter Dalhuijsen. The tournament will also serve as a showcase for "Team Veronica Poker," a group of Dutch poker personalities and celebrities.

The buy-in for the tournament is €2,500, with the winner taking home a €50,000 chunk of the prize pool.

The event will be produced by Matchroom Sport and be broadcast later this year.

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