adds twist to European Challenge qualifiers

Qualifiers for the European Challenge are already underway at the poker site, but this year, those who make it will have an added bonus. Some of them will also play in the East versus West Cup with a €100,000 prize pool.

The first 50 online qualifiers from Eastern Europe and the first 50 from Western Europe will face off against each other for the bonus tournament as well as earn a package to the European Challenge.

"The €100,000 prize pool for the East versus West Cup is a great bonus for qualifiers for the European Challenge," said a spokesman.

During the East versus West Cup, the 10 players who make the final table will get a share of €50,000. The remaining €50,000 from the prize pool will go to the winning team to split between the team members.

Tony G. will be captaining the East team, while the West will be led by David Ulliott. The two are well-known for their rivalry.

"This event is sure to show whether it is a phony war between them, or whether this event will renew their hostilities," said a spokesman. "Tony G. and the Devilfish have famously clashed many times."

The East versus West Cup will take place at the Austrian Spring Poker Festival planned in March. The action will be filmed for worldwide television distribution.

The qualifiers will then play in the European Challenge also taking place at the festival. The Challenge will take place at the Concord Card Casino March 10-17.

There is an estimated $1.1 million prize pool for the event. Siegfried Stockinger, last year's winner, has already confirmed he will be participating again.

Qualifiers are currently running at for the European Challenge for as little as $3. Those who qualify will receive a prize package worth $6,500.

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