PartyPoker sites award two players with High Flier Jet promo prizes

Peter Bertheau and Paul Wieber have both won first place in PartyPoker's High Flier Jet promo, which awarded each of them the opportunity to use a private jet for 25 hours to fly anywhere in the world. Peter, a Bridge teacher from Taby, Sweden, opted to take the $125,000 cash equivalent, as did his American counterpart, Paul, a customer service manager from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

PartyPoker has revealed that the two players competed in two different tournaments on two different sites: Peter on and Paul on Both men defeated thousands of players to take first place.

Peter, 30, plays international bridge for Sweden and was the national junior chess champion while at school. He learned to play Texas Hold'em three years ago, and has already won $70,000 at a $1 million guaranteed event.

He said of his win: "I was always going to take the money rather than the jet. I do go overseas a lot playing bridge but I really don't know what I would have done with it!" He continued, "If I had taken the private jet I would also have had to find a way of sharing it with my friend Per-Ola. He paid half my buy-in so I've now given him half my money!"

Peter, who is married and has two children, plans to use his share of the winnings on a new car and building his bankroll. "I would like to enter more live poker events. I will start in Scandinavia and then move on to other areas of the world. I have a lot of friends on the scene and was taught by Johan Storakers," he revealed.

Unlike his European equivalent, American player Paul Wieber, 32, is a true novice at the poker table, having only learned to play six months ago. He admits to being "pretty much brand new to poker," and was thrilled to have won the event.

"To say I'm a little bit surprised to win is an understatement – it is unbelievable! I remember when I was on the final table going heads-up and we had a little break. I wrote a little note to my opponent and he couldn't believe he was there either," he said.

PartyPoker spokesman Warren Lush said: "Paul is a great example of how a novice can go really far in poker in a very short space of time. We know he's trying to qualify for the Million V in March and hope to see him there."

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