PartyPoker pays off for toaoandreas

The Prize Money

There are always good deals for players at - it's just a matter of finding the one that's the right fit for you. For toaoandreas, the right fit was PartyPoker, where he just won a $5k freeroll exclusively for new players.

All the 41-year-old sales manager from Germany had to do was sign up at PartyPoker through and make a deposit and wham!, he was eligible for the $5k freeroll that played Nov. 15.

toaoandreas has only been playing poker for about three months, and this freeroll marks his biggest online win so far.

"It came exactly at the right time," he told "I had a very bad year in 2007."

He plans to take that money and put it toward repairing his old Ford Scorpio and throwing himself a birthday party at the end of December.


As a beginning poker player, toaoandreas was first attracted to poker because of the way it links luck, intelligence and psychology with earning money. To improve his game he visits about two or three times per week.

"It's a very interesting page," toaoandreas said. "I read the news and articles about strategy."

He also spends time about five days a week playing at PartyPoker.

"It's my favorite online poker room," he said. "I like the clear structure."

There will be another exclusive $5,000 freeroll for players at PartyPoker Feb. 15. All new players who sign up through a link at until Jan. 31 and make a deposit will be eligible.

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