partypoker Launches Fast Five, Progressive Knockout Poker Variants

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There are a couple new ways to play on partypoker.

This week the site launch Fast Five cash games and Progressive Knockout Tournaments.

Progressive Knockout tournaments are a bounty-style tournament with players getting a cash bonus every time they eliminate an opponent.

There difference with Progressive Knockout tournaments is that the bounty payouts progress as the tournament goes on meaning players could potentially win thousands of dollar in the latter stages of an event.

Fast Five = 5 BB Cash Game

If you’re looking for some rapid-fire cash game action then you might want to look into partypoker’s Fast Five games.

Mike Sexton
partypoker ambassador Mike Sexton

Players are only allotted five big blinds in each Fast Five game, which means you’ve got to make a move fast (but so do your opponents).

Everything else is played just the same as a regular 6-Max cash game. Fortunately buy-ins start at just $2.50 so you can afford to dust a few buy-ins while getting the hang of the game.

"Today we launch two new products on partypoker that will suit both tournament and cash game players,” Group Head of partypoker Tom Waters said.

“Progressive Knockout tournaments are a popular format in the poker community so it was important to respond to feedback and offer these on partypoker. Fast Five is a fun, fast-paced cash game, suitable for players with only a short amount of time but wanting action quickly.”

The new Progressive Knockout Tournaments run three times a day with three different buy-in levels. Fast Five games are already available in the partypoker lobby.

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