PartyPoker creates frenzy for Monthly Million

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Qualifiers are under way at PartyPoker for the next installment of the Monthly Million this Sunday.

The Monthly Million is a $1 million guaranteed online poker tournament that takes place at PartyPoker the first Sunday of each month.

It has a $600+$40 buy-in, but the poker site also offers various qualifying paths that give players a shot at the tournament for as little as $1.

The qualifiers include $64+$6 daily satellites with 18 seats guaranteed, a Mega Friday $50+$5 satellite that guarantees 30 seats and supersatellite Saturday qualifiers with a $32+$3 buy-in and 25 seats guaranteed.

PartyPoker also announced the addition of the "50 Seat Frenzy," with 50 seats guaranteed. The tournament will run on Saturday at 11:25 ET. Plus there are "Super 8" qualifiers running all weekend featuring an $88 buy-in and guaranteeing a one-in-eight chance of getting to the final.

On Sunday, there will be one more chance in the "Ultimate Qualifier" for players to get into the Monthly Million for a $340 buy-in. Ten seats are guaranteed for this tournament.

"The Monthly Million offers great value - it will have a nice number of players and has a European friendly start time," said Warren Lush, PartyPoker spokesman.

"The inaugural tournament took place on the same day as the Super Bowl and was a great success attracting 1,659 players with 250 making the money."

Popeye7111, from France, won the first event for a $155,000 payday. He was followed by mbalzack from the Netherlands.

The top nine players from the Monthly Million were:

  1. Popeye7111 (France) $155,000
  2. mbalzack (Netherlands) $147,500
  3. Ninja232 (United Kingdom) $68,000
  4. IC2UrSoul (Finland) $53,000
  5. Lol1985 (United Kingdom) $43,000
  6. PJA87 (Canada) $33,000
  7. TKTAA (Denmark) $25,500
  8. stevie_444 (United Kingdom) $17,500
  9. SickSpirit (Canada) $13,000

"My biggest cash before that was like 2k in a $215 buy-in event back in the summer," said third-place finisher Ninja232, from the United Kingdom.

Ninja232's $68,000 cash will also be put to good use. He plans on using it to save to buy a house.

For more information about the Monthly Million and the satellites, visit Party Poker.


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