PartyGaming envisions online world without fraud

The world's largest listed online gaming company, PartyGaming, Plc., is getting serious about protecting its brand, and has enlisted noted Internet intelligence company Envisional to help them bring the hammer down on any misuse.

A long-term affiliate monitoring contract has now been signed that gives online giant PartyGaming - owner of PartyPoker and PartyCasino, among others - access to internet fraud and brand abuse specialist Envisional's patented A3I intelligent search technology.

The world-class technology allows automated searching for text, logos or images across the entirety of the Web, including newsgroups, blogs, B2B auction sites, trade boards, Internet Relay Chat channels and peer-to-peer networks.

The result: All claims of affiliation to the six main PartyGaming Web sites and all instances of counterfeiting or misuse of PartyGaming's name and brands can be found instantly and ranked according to urgency or importance.

"We take our legal obligations and ethical responsibilities very seriously," Martin Weigold, group finance director with executive responsibility for corporate social responsibility at PartyGaming, said in a release.

"Envisional's advanced artificial intelligence capabilities will help us ensure continued compliance with strict marketing regulations, as well as protect the party brands in which we have invested so heavily over the years."

"PartyGaming is a very important customer for us," adds Envisional's Chief Executive Officer, Michael Wheatley. "It is a young, dynamic company in the FTSE 250, and its whole business model depends on innovative and secure use of online technology.

"We are proud to work with a pioneering team that has built a major international business from scratch in just ten years."

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