Party Poker Drops High Stakes Tables

Party Poker high stakes

In a surprising move online gaming giant Party Poker has removed all its $10/$20 and higher No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit tables.

The company has stated the change, which went into effect earlier this week, was to help improve the “poker ecology” of the site and was in the best interest of players on the site.

Party Poker also removed fixed limit tables $30/$60 and higher.

It’s not unheard for online poker sites to shutter their high stakes games in an effort to keep players from going broke. The change could potentially keep more people in the game.

Poker sites also run into the problem of having a select group of sharks waiting in the high stakes games for less skilled players to take a shot. It can hurt the health of the site.

The Ongame Poker Network even went so far as to introduce a loyalty system that rewards losing players with more frequent player points.

Despite some recent struggles with cash game traffic, there is some silver lining for Party Poker.

The site plans on releasing it’s fast-fold variant before the end of the year, similar to the wildly popular PokerStars Zoom.

Party Gaming also has plans to roll bwin Poker’s player base onto Party Poker, which will increase traffic significantly.

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