Party Poker Adds Casual Cash Games for New Players

Mike Sexton
Mike Sexton need not apply.

Beginner poker players have one more reason to sign up for an account on Party Poker.

The venerable online poker site launched Casual Cash Games this week, which restricts players to opening just one cash-game table at a time. 

The theory is that serious multi-tabling grinders will ignore the casual tables making for at least one potentially beatable table for new players.

While it won’t guarantee an easier table it should make for a richer experience as everyone will be concentrated on the one table instead of six others.

Don’t be surprised if you see the chat light up more often on Casual Cash Game tables. It’s also useful for players who want to watch TV or text with friends while playing poker.

You can easily identify the new Casual Cash Game tables in the Party Poker lobby by the smileys right next to them.

Party Poker to Expand Casual Cash Games Stakes

Kara Scott
Kara Scott

Serious grinders will likely avoid the tables since there’s no way to put in the volume they require to make their expected profit.

The one exception to that rule is that players are allowed to open as many tournaments as they want while playing a Casual Cash Game table.

Right now Casual Cash Games are only available at the microstakes level but Party Poker plans on expanding stakes in the near future.

For more information about the site or to sign up for an account be sure to check out our Party Poker review.

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morden 2014-05-07 09:36:14

IF they want to make it even more fun and attractive, they should add a voice chat to that casual table !
that would really bring the cash game table to life and to another level of entertainment