Partouche to Honor €5 Million Guarantee After All

Peter Jetten
Peter Jetten: Happy to be getting more money.

In another surprising turn at the Partouche Poker Tour main event, founder Patrick Partouche has changed his mind and the tourney will now honor its €5 million guarantee.

Creating a major stir yesterday when he insisted the advertised guarantee was never committed to and he cancelled the Partouche Poker Tour for good, Partouche woke up with a change of heart and issued the follow statement (roughly translated) to the media:

"Since my controversial intervention in which I announced the end of the Partouche Poker Tour, I became aware of media elements outside of scope which shows that our customers have been wrongly convinced of the existence of a Prize pool guaranteed!

"Although the official rules clearly guaranteed 500 000 euros to the winner I recognize the character of the clumsy media coverage of this event, and the confusion that is out.

"I asked my group to accept the consequences, and despite the current regulations, to add the 736,880 euros to the prize pool!

"I never dropped my troops, even in the harshest storms we have had to face. I refused the offer of resignation that was delivered to me this morning, all those who are entitled to undertake the error, including the bosses, but unfortunately I can not change my will.

"The Partouche Poker Tour is no longer ...

"I have a special thought, and thanks to make with all of our teams, who have all worked to deliver poker events that are the most beautiful ... As all amateurs and professionals who have sent me messages of support ...

"Long live poker, all his devotees ..."

Patrick Partouche

The resignation Partouche is referring to came from Marketing Director JJ Ichai after a clip surfaced of Ichal proclaiming the prize pool to be guaranteed at €5 million.

The revised prize pool has now been published with the winner collecting €1,172,850 instead of the original €1 million.

The runner-up will recieve €693,494 and money has been added all the way down the payout scale.

Poker players in Cannes, although still somewhat bothered by the way it happened, were pleased:

Meanwhile, play is down to the final 27 on Day 4 in Cannes. Follow along with the live updates (in French) here.

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