Paris, Sao Paulo, London Make Moves in Global Poker League Week 5

Week 5 the Mike Leah show.

Another big week in the Global Poker League has wrapped with the Paris Aviators, Sao Paulo Mets and London Royals putting important points on the board.

Mike Leah of the Paris Aviators in particular impressed with a big win in the 6-Max and a 2-1 heads-up win over last week's superstar Anatoly Filatov of the Moscow Wolverines.

Leah's 14 total points pushed the Aviators back up to the top of the Eurasia Conference, leapfrogging the Wolverines.

Poker couple Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov also combined to put 14 points on the board for the London Royals, moving them back up the standings and into playoff position.

The underdog Sao Paulo Mets also put some major points on the board with two second-place finishes from Felipe Mojave and a heads-up win from Thiago Nishijima.

Tuesday Results - 6-Max Matches

The week got underway as usual with two 6-Max matches per conference and some new blood in the mix. 

Anthony Gregg
End boss was boss.

Moscow Wolverine Igor Yaroshevsky stepped in for his first action, live from the EPT Grand Final no less, and put up an impressive 8 points.

Rome Emperor Todd Brunson, who appeared overmatched at times in his heads-up debut last week, also bounced back with a solid performance and a much-needed 7 points..

Boeree, meanwhile, stepped in to play while getting ready for the 2016 European Poker Awards and put in another solid performance, winning her second 6-Max table so far.

LA Sunset Chance Kornuth also tried to play while the EPA party went on behind him with less success, busting in the first hand of the second match when his straight flush draw didn't come in.

Leah dazzled to win his first 6-Max event as did Tony Gregg of the San Francisco Rush, who redeemed himself after a goose egg in Week 1.

Tyler Kenney and Felipe Mojave again battled down to heads-up in the second Americas match before Kenney won his second event, too.

Mojave picked up a critical 10 points for Sao Paulo to boost them right back up in the standings. Full results of Tuesday's 6-Max matches:

Eurasia Match #1

1st Paris Aviators Mike Leah 7
2nd Rome Emperors Todd Brunson 5
3rd Moscow Wolverines Igor Yaroshevsky 3
4th Hong Kong Stars Bryan Huang 2
5th London Royals Liv Boeree 1
6th Berlin Bears Bill Perkins 0

Eurasia Match #2

1st London Royals Liv Boeree 7
2nd Moscow Wolverines Igor Yaroshevsky 5
3rd Berlin Bears Bill Perkins 3
4th Rome Emperors Todd Brunson 2
5th Paris Aviators Mike Leah 1
6th Hong Kong Stars Bryan Huang 0

Americas Match #1

1st San Francisco Rush Tony Gregg 7
2nd Sao Paulo Mets Felipe Mojave 5
3rd New York Rounders Tyler Kenney 3
4th LA Sunset Chance Kornuth 2
5th Las Vegas Moneymakers Chris Moneymaker 1
6th Montreal Nationals Marc-Andre Ladouceur 0

Americas Match #2

1st New York Rounders Tyler Kenney 7
2nd Sao Paulo Mets Felipe Mojave 5
3rd Las Vegas Moneymakers Jonathan Little 3
4th San Francisco Rush Tony Gregg 2
5th Montreal Nationals Marc-Andre Ladouceur 1
6th LA Sunset Chance Kornuth 0

Check the highlights from the Americas Matches below:

Wednesday - Eurasia Heads-Up

Wednesday's Eurasia heads-up matches gave Leah another chance to shine and he delivered, almost sweeping Filatov before a big hero call went south early in the third match.

Igor Kurganov
Kurganov showed his strength.

Igor Kurganov of the London Royals also looked ready to sweep the full nine points in his match with Bill Perkins before a third-round submarine as well.

Kurganov played his match while simultaneously playing the 25k High Roller at the EPT Grand Final but suffered no ill effects with a big skill advantage over Perkins.

Rome Emperors manager Max Pescatori took advantage of a distracted Weiyi Zhang of the Hong Kong Stars, who was also multi-tabling deep in a 1k re-buy event, to claim the Emperors first victory so far in the the GPL.

Eurasia Heads-Up Results

  • Max Pescatori (Rome Emperors) defeats Weiyi Zhang (Hong Kong Stars) 2-1
  • Igor Kurganov (London Royals) defeats Bill Perkins (Berlin Bears) 2-1
  • Mike Leah (Paris Aviators) defeats Anatoly Filatov (Moscow Wolverines) 2-1

Check the replay of the Leah-Filatov match below:

Thursday - Americas Heads-Up

No sweeps were to be found over in the Americas Conference this week, either.

Busquet does Busquet.

Sao Paulo's Thiago Nishijima surprised by taking 2 of 3 games against New York Rounder and $25k High Roller crusher Tom Marchese.

Montreal National Marc-Andre Ladouceur was in tough against GPL MVP and heads-up dominator Olivier Busquet but came away with a win in the first game to get off on the right foot.

The uber-tough Busquet ran well in his all-ins going forward, though, to battle back and win for yet another 6 points for the LA Sunset.

The ever-steady Jonathan Little stepped in for Jake Cody for the finale today and took 2 out of 3 from a tired-but-still entertaining Kitty Kuo.

Americas Heads-Up Results

  • Thiago Nishijima (Sao Paulo Mets) defeats Tom Marchese (New York Rounders) 2-1
  • Olivier Busquet (LA Sunset) defeats Marc-Andre Ladouceur (Montreal Nationals) 2-1
  • Jonathan Little (Las Vegas Moneymakers) defeats Kitty Kuo (San Francisco Rush) 2-1

Global Poker League Standings - Week 5

Americas Standings

1. New York Rounders 59
2. Sao Paulo Mets 55
3. LA Sunset 51
4. Montreal Nationals 51
5. Las Vegas Moneymakers 50
6. San Francisco Rush 49

Eurasia Standings

1. Paris Aviators 65
2. Moscow Wolverines 64
3. Hong Kong Stars 51
4. London Royals 49
5. Berlin Bears 45
6. Rome Emperors 41

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