Palms to anoint River King in $1 million freeroll

It's the first-ever $1 million freeroll and the title up for grabs at the Palms Las Vegas, when all is said and done, is "The River King." And once you're the "River King," and $500,000 richer, it's like Jim Morrison said: You can do anything.

Yes. He was referring to being the lizard king.

But the principle holds: Kings have a lot of leeway.

Hosted by the Palms Las Vegas, the $1 million River King Freeroll Poker Tournament is the world's first of that magnitude, and qualifying is already underway, having started Jan. 1.

Qualifying and the number of chips you'll sit down with in the preliminaries all comes down to the number of hours you play live in the Palms poker room.

You'll need at least 300 hours between Jan. 1 and June 30 to automatically get in to the preliminary round, and between 300-349 will get you $2,500 in tournament chips.

Each group of fifty hours on top of that buys you another $500 in chips. So 350-400 will get you $3,000, 400-449 will get you $3,500, and so on. Over 500 gets you the maximum $5,000.

Preliminary rounds will then be one table "shootouts" with the top two moving to the semi-finals.

An extra chance will be given to preliminary losers with 800 or more hours in the qualifying period.

The tournament will also be televised on a yet-to-be determined date.

For more information, visit the casino's Web site at

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