Pacific Poker freeroll finds winner Down Under

The Money

There are certain things everyone can look forward to once a month: bills, the full moon and the $5,000 freeroll from Pacific Poker and

All it takes for any player to get entered at the poker site is to earn 20 comp points during the month. That's a ticket to a free shot at a chunk of $5,000.

This month saw a 20-year-old American living in Australia qualify and then conquer the playing field to take the first-place prize.

"I'm currently a student studying abroad in Australia at UNSW (University of New South Wales)," said Paul Kim. "I hail from the States originally, and I attend Duke University back home."

When he's not busy with school, he said he plays poker as often as he can. He actually got started playing poker when he was 15 and found it was a good way to interact with other people.

"I went to a boarding school for high school, so it was a good way to pass the time with my boys in the dorm," Kim said.

Now he plans to use his piece of the $5,000 freeroll to play even more poker online. He's already an almost-daily regular at Pacific Poker.

"It's a great site for players (like me) who aren't ready to handle the super-tough games over at sites like Full Tilt or PokerStars," Kim said.

He may not be ready for the big leagues, but Kim knows a thing or two about building a little poker bankroll.

"I don't know about my biggest poker win ever, but on the first day playing poker in Australia online, I took 50 bucks in PartyPoker and turned it into $1,550," Kim said, and now he can add the freeroll win to his list of accomplishments.

That win almost didn't happen either as Kim almost left the tournament right at the beginning.

"I got lucky a couple of times, which I guess you have to in a multi-table," he said. "Actually, the tourney started at around 4 a.m. Australian time, and I had pocket sevens, hit trips and thought I lost when I got called by 9-4 and almost closed my window."

Lucky for him he decided to ride it out and see how the chips would fall, because they certainly fell in his favor on Sunday. Perhaps some of his poker knowledge garnered on helped get him there as well. Kim said he checks out the site every day.

"I love the odds calculator and the random posts in the forums," he said.

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