p00cket00 Scores, Moorman Misses in FTOPS XXI

Chris Moorman
Chris Moorman

Sebastian “p00cket00” Sikorski and Chris Moorman starred in a memorable heads-up match on Day 5 of FTOPS XXI.

The two respected grinders faced off at the final table of the 3xShootout event, the biggest FTOPS event on Full Tilt Poker yesterday.

The other event yesterday, a 6-Max Limit Hold’em Rush event, nearly saw mrcall912 claim his second FTOPS title in this year’s series.

Here’s a complete look at the highlights from yesterday’s FTOPS action.

FTOPS #10: mrcall912 Nearly Makes it Two FTOPS Titles

Online player mrcall912 came close to becoming the first player to snag two titles in FTOPS XXI yesterday.

Mrcall912 made the final table of FTOPS $216 Limit Hold’em 6-Max Rush Multi-Entry tournament, which drew 363 players to create a prizepool of $75,000.

The final table nearly featured unidentified Swedish high stakes superstar DIN_FRU but DIN_FRU ended up falling in 13th place for a relatively minor $825 cash.

Mrcall912 made an incredibly deep run but eventually finished fifth to earn $6,075. Add in his other victory for $18,699 in the HORSE event earlier in FTOPS XXI and Mrcall912 is up to nearly $25k in profit over the series.

Netherlands online player bullyingpros would go on to win the tournament outright for $17,850.

Here’s a complete look at the final table results:

  • 1. bullyingpros - $17,850
  • 2. TheFatFISH - $11,400
  • 3. saldory - $8,325
  • 4. mrcall912 - $6,075
  • 5. keeskontje - $4,275
  • 6. veeea - $2,850
Calvin Anderson
Online beast Calvin "Cal42688" Anderson also made it deep.

FTOPS #11: Moorman Denied by p0cket00 

Online MTT masters Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski and Chris “MoormanI” Moorman finished first and second in FTOPS #11 last night.

The $322 No-Limit Hold’em 3xShootout event drew 425 players who created a prizepool of $127,500.

Adam “Roothlus” Levi, Adam Junglen, and Calvin “Cal42688” Anderson all made the cash in the event but fell short of the final table.

Moorman is one of the most well-known players in the online MTT community. The Brighton-native has been focusing on the live tournament circuit lately but still found time to win a PocketFives Triple Crown.

Sikorski isn’t as established as Moorman but that could change soon as the Canadian has over $5.4 million in online winnings.

This time around it was Sikorski who got the better of Moorman to claim the $27,412 first-place prize and FTOPS jersey. Moorman settled for $18,487.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table payouts:

  • 1. Sebastian “p00cket00” Sikorski - $27,412
  • 2. Chris “MoormanI” Moorman - $18,487
  • 3. PatGarrett01 - $13,387
  • 4. Tenkamusou - $9,817
  • 5. The_SeS - $7,140
  • 6. maximani91 - $5,100
  • 7. Assad91 - $3,570
  • 8. Phil Ivey 18 - $2,422
  • 9. bigt439 - $1,721

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