Oxygen Games bets on March release for World Championship Poker 2

Howard Lederer is back and hungry for your chips in the Oxygen Games "World Championship Poker 2: All In" for Xbox, to be released next month.

This amped-up version of 2005's inaugural World Championship Poker video game once again features renowned pro Lederer and a cast of characters that is as colorful as its owner's imagination.

Players can customize their own one-of-a-kind character who will muck, check and raise in an changing environment as he advances.

With the 2007 version, players must work their way up the poker ladder, starting out in a basement home game locale. As bankrolls grow, the playing environment improves to include increasingly luxurious surroundings.

Donkeys beware though: The worse your play, the more stuff you might have to hawk just to maintain a decent stack.

Frills aside, "World Championship Poker 2" also features poker-related options such as 14 different poker varieties with different levels of simulation depending on the player's skill level.

A release from Oxygen games promises that players can also expect to see multi-table online tournaments, smarter AI and support for Xbox's Live Vision Camera. The game is available for Xbox Live, featuring a world scoreboard and voice-chat functions.

The game's release is set for March 16 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PSP and PC.

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