Online Poker Goes Live in New Jersey Nov. 26

Day 1 at Harrah's Atlantic City
Nov. 26 big day for NJ poker players.

The legal wrangling is complete, the gaming rules written and the software agreements signed.

Now all that's left for online poker to become a reality in New Jersey is the flip of the "on" switch which, according to, is officially a go for Nov. 26.

In a new post today writer John Brennan says an official letter has been sent to Atlantic City casinos authorizing licensed Internet gaming permit holders to "commence full Internet gaming" at that time.

The official New Jersey online gaming regulations come into effect on October 21 with "additional changes not included in the original proposal" effective October 28.

"Soft-Play" Required for All Licensees

As a condition to launching "full play" online gaming however each licensee is required to complete a five-day "soft play" period.

"Soft play” is designed to test the provider's "live" systems and is restricted to invited players only.

If the soft-play period meets security expectations and the provider's systems are approved it can then offer "full Internet gaming" to New Jersey residents and visitors beginning on the 26th.

A rolling list of approved gaming sites will be listed on the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement webpage.

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